Foreclosure: Dead Deed

Poster 14463273_356560358067344_7578415102069189197_nMike Graham, an established and well off accounting executive, seems to have it all: the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect car, the soon to be perfect wife… what would appear to be a perfect life. However, his picture-perfect reality quickly begins to abruptly unfold. Shortly after losing his job due to allegations of money laundering, Mike finds himself floundering in debt and on the brink of foreclosure. In dire straits, Mike turns to a former childhood friend and active drug dealer, Alex, in hopes that by allying with Alex’s supplier he will somehow be able to generate enough money to remedy his financial ruin. In a desperate attempt to salvage the life he has worked so incredibly hard to build, he’ll risk losing it all.

Directed by Teddo November (USA)


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