Bronze Awards: June 2023

Best Indie ShortBare Luxuries by Armando Smith (USA)

Best Drama ShortLullaby for the Cat by Andrew Gil (Ukraine)

Best Documentary ShortA Proper Education by MaryLanae Linen (USA)

Best Romantic ShortThe Break-Up Dinner by Zhiguang (Brandon) Chen (Canada)

Best Comedy ShortOur Late Father by Sylvia Ray (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short: Mike’s Fine, Mrs. Ackerman by David Breckman (USA)

Best Action Short: Dojo by Armin Alic (USA)

Best Thriller Short: Light On by Juan Octavio Lume (Chile)

Best Horror Short: Maluna by Jason Gonzalez (USA)

Best Sci-Fi ShortBeam Me Up by Daniel Weaver (Australia)

Best Fantasy ShortReturn by Kat Dubrow (USA)

Best Experimental ShortScenes from a Seperation by Ramona Radi (Iran)

Best Student ShortDaffodils by Smahi Anand (USA)

Best MicrofilmBoss B*Tch by Meranda Walden (USA)

Best Women ShortFloat! by Azza Cohen (USA)

Best Music Video: Writer’s Block by Benjamin Schwarzschild and Eli Waltz (USA)

Best Male Director: Daniel Alvarenga for Grenzen (Germany)

Best Student Female Director: Eunjin Lee for Playing House (South Korea)

Best First Time Female Director: Ashton Sasse for No Questions Asked (USA)

Best First Time Male Director: Aleksandr Tretiakevich for The Tableherder (Russia)

Best Young Filmmaker: Kat Dubrow for Return (USA)

Best Actress: Amelia Conway for Digital Skin (Australia)

Best Actor: David Hutchison for Winter (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress: Lisette Torson for Winter (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Kabir McNeely and Brian Doolittle for Rebel (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Aryan Arjune, Asha Devi, Brian Shaw, Aidan Kirby, Shabab Haider, Bea Hundal, Aaditri Vyas, Carson Lee Cosper, Leosha Bristow, Cirena Carrillo-Haider, and Hari Bhaskar for Purpose (USA)

Best Cinematography: C.S. Chandler for Winter (USA)

Best Editing: Jody Hart for Winter (USA)

Best Production DesignThe Operator (USA)

Best Original Score: Vladislav Zakharov for Squeezed (Canada)

Best Original Story: Aleksandr Tretiakevich for The Tableherder (Russia)






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