Bronze Awards: July 2018

Independent Shorts Awards

Best Narrative Short: Token by Joy Shi (USA)

Best Drama Short: Repentance by Jack Welch (Australia)

Best Indie Short: We Belong Together by Gustav Bondeson (Sweden)

Best Documentary Short: Not Rich Yet by Cyprien Kodjo (USA)

Best Comedy Short: Courage by Jean-Luc Julien (Germany)

Best Dark Comedy Short: Mite by Firat Demir (Turkey)

Best Mystery Short: The Door by Lola Rùi (USA)

Best Fantasy Short: The Witch by Claudia Dapiran (Ireland)

Best Sci-Fi Short: Lifelike by Chris Vanderhorst (USA)

Best Crime Short: Rookies by John Anthony (USA)

Best Thriller Short: Last Stop by Bérangère Samuel (Australia)

Best Horror Short: Nothing Like The Sun by Jonas Banks (USA)

Best Animation Short: Brush: A Fox Tale by Faustina Arriola and Willi Anton (USA)

Best Children Short: Dingus Wishes by Elvira Ibragimova (USA)

Best Women Short: The Letter by Jazmin Aguilar (USA)

Best LGBT Short: Silverlake Afternoon by Rebecca Holopter and Michael Osborne (USA)

Best Music Video: Bad Sex Face by The Tim Lancaster Conspiracy by Giovanni Martins (USA)

Best Experimental Short: You’re Dead, America by Jovan Todorovic (USA)

Best Student Short: Across the Graveyard by Michael Scarnati (USA)

Best Microfilm: The Door by Lola Rùi (USA)

Best Director (Female): Dowon Kook for Ouroboros (South Korea)

Best Director (Male): Cameron McHarg for Deer Season (USA)

Best First Time Director: Vicente Almuna for Sepia (USA)

Best Student Director: Amanda Abicalaffe for Feet of Fire (USA)

Best Actress: Harriet Chomley for Repentance (Australia)

Best Actor: Cam McHarg for Deer Season (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress: Xochitl Gomez-Deines for The Letter (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Mary-Jo Hertzog and Olivia Loiseau for INFRA Story (France)

Best Cinematography: Isobella Antelis for Blue Toes (USA)

Best Editing: Martijn Schinkel for Window To The World (Netherlands)

Best Sound Design: Mike Johnston for Here There Be Tygers (Canada)

Best Original Score: MiM for The Noise of the Light (France)

Best Original Story: Emin Murat Kılıç for The Breath Holder (Turkey)

Best Short Script: The Seeker by Kaitlyn Kowalski (USA)