Block 9. Dark Stories & Mysteries

Regal LA Live, Cinema #14 – 11am-12.30pm

The Driver

Grief, isolation, and one man’s drive to carry on.

Directed by Evan Oliver and Allen Baker (USA)


Between The Ocean And The Snow

A man overtaken by deep sorrow and not able to choose life, tries to flee his own mind by taking a trip to eastern Europe. There he meets a darkness so dark that he is forced to make a choice. All the while reality dissolves.

Directed by Peder Thomas Pedersen and Heine Kaarsbjerg (Denmark)



A neo-noir short film following the journey of a homeless man, who is paid to navigate London’s underbelly in order to find a runaway girl.

Directed by Bugsy Riverbank Steel (UK)

North America premiere


Aquarium In The Fishbowl

Yang, an underground killer with something on his mind worry, came to the fantasy underground billiard hall. In order to find his lover’s whereabouts, he met Nuo, a young billiard hall shopkeeper, but was involved in another long-planned “revenge”…

Directed by Sabrina Jane (China)

North America premiere


Water Dawg

Once upon a time on Halloween, 1979… A new treat is introduced.

Directed by Christopher Baiza (USA)


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