Block 8. Sci-Fi

Regal LA Live, Cinema #13 – 4.20pm-6pm

Dust on Pebble

It is a dystopia set in the 1980s. A young boy dreams of the stars and space, and as he realizes his dream, he measures what he leaves behind.

Directed by Vincent Naffréchoux (France)

USA premiere



Two sisters struggle with what is important to them. After a disagreement, one leaves to be on her own, to leave her home for good. She gets what she wants, but not in the way she was expecting.

Directed by Skyler Bible (USA)

World premiere


Angel Wings

After a woman is saved from a mugging by a pair of mysterious vigilantes, two police officers attempt to piece together what happened with a couple of witnesses who can’t seem to get their stories straight.

Directed by Nick Simotas (USA)


On the Edge

A journey in a futuristic world where, under the supervision of “BB Web”, citizens are required by law to take a pill designed to suppress any kind of emotion. One day, Shira 84183 experiences a brief moment of emotion that compels her to question everything she thought she knew and discover a new world.

Directed by Niva Ben Hanan (Israel)

Los Angeles premiere


Tender Moon

A young astronaut flies to the moon in search of a mysterious living organism, and in turn discovers a piece of her past.

Directed by Mabel Amanda Maultsby (USA)

Los Angeles premiere



A chance meeting with the woman of his dreams at a local coffee shop, leaves one man smitten, but he quickly realizes that not everything is as it seems.

Directed by Donald Scott Masterson (Canada)

California premiere



In a hyper-technological society, a couple lives their own utopia. But what happens when a glitch compromises all this idyllic interface?

Directed by Sylvie Zaidman and Nic Shake (Belgium)

California premiere


Dark Cell

Two convicts in an orbital prison are doing what they usually do, which is to say, not much. Suddenly, two panicked guards armed to the teeth burst into their cell. The guards tell them that the orbital prison has just been invaded by blood-thirsty zombie-type creatures. If they want to survive, their only solution is to eject their cell and return to Earth. But when the ejection order is entered into the computer, it refuses it. The cell, designed for two occupants only, now holds four people.

Directed by Jean-Michel Tari (France)


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