Block 8. Indies (Sep 17th, 10pm – 11.30pm)

Our Journey 

A blind man travels to a place that reminds him of his lost wife. On his way back home he has to face some obstacles he didn’t see coming.

Directed by Arnar Tómasson (Iceland)

World premiere

And Then, The Silence

Breton coast. The storm season has started. Matthias, in his twenties, kills himself on the job in the small family farm, waiting for the recognition of his father. As we prepare to celebrate the annual procession of the Virgin in the village, Hugo, his brother, comes back home.

Directed by Lucas Trochet (France)

The Owl

A solitary fortune teller in the jade market, cross path with an ordinary girl who wants to escape from the fetters of life.

Directed by Sam Wong (Wong Man Tat) (Hong Kong)

The Stone

A nun who uses a wheelchair touches a common-or-garden stone in a park and is cured. In the archbishop’s eyes, the stone is far too secular an object for the Vatican to recognise the event as a miracle. The nun’s Mother Superior uses a bluff to save the day.

Directed by Bartosz Kozera (Poland)

North America premiere