Block 6. Guns & Crimes

Regal LA Live, Cinema #13 – 12.50pm-2.35pm

Happy Noodle

After an attempted restaurant robbery, a hungry broke guy learns a lesson from the restaurant owner.

Directed by Helen Chan (USA)

USA premiere


Dirty Rotten Tofu and the Gohan Girls

In the Old West, three Asian women fight for their freedom from a Chinatown crime boss who wants them back Dead or Alive. Even crime bosses have bad days, but Tofu’s are about to become a whole lot worse.

Directed by June K. Inuzuka (USA)

California premiere


Twenty One at the Belle Saloon

A female cardsharp hell-bent on revenge challenges a dangerous man to a high-stakes game of Black Jack, or “vingt et un” as they used to call it. Intrigued, the man takes her up on the game, thinking it would be an easy win. But he has no idea who he’s up against…

Directed by Scott Seagren (USA)

USA premiere



A pregnant woman trying to change her car tire gets help from a lawyer. But everything changes when two robbers approach them, starting a frantic journey through the streets with a totally unexpected outcome.

Directed by Tadeu Vieira Marinho (Brazil)

World premiere


The Risk Takers

Xano, Daisy, and Irrfan are three young minorities who hit rock bottom on their quest to achieve the Hollywood dream. They each work dead-end day jobs, with little pay, as they each pursue different areas of the movie industry. After particularly stressful days at work, the three decide to stop to take control of their destinies. They will create opportunities for themselves. They will make their own feature film. But they have a problem: no funding.

Directed by Xano Alexander Cuervo (USA)



A crazed plumber risks both his career and prison when he finds his wife of 20 years in bed with another man.

Directed by David Joseph Higgins (USA)


El Paso 11:55

A man carrying a dangerous bag seems to be in way over his head when he’s confronted by an array of colorful and dangerous characters.

Directed by Keith Jardine (USA)


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