Block 5. Horror & Mysteries (Sep 17th, 4.20pm – 6.05pm)

Good Times, Bad Moon 

An outcast teenager attends his first roller disco and is quickly targeted by the local bullies. Little did they know Kal has his own agenda and they are on the menu.

Directed by Kristian Taylor-Wood (Australia)



An experimental tale of a young grieving mother whose intense connection to her art has taken a dark turn.

Directed by Paul Sestakov (USA)


Rym and Majd are siblings living on their own in an old village house after both their parents abandoned them 8 years ago. Majd has been paralyzed for many years and in order to sustain their lives, Rym sells milk to the village. Conflicts between the siblings reach a point where Rym kills her brother’s only companion, only to realize that Majd carries an anger inside of him way beyond Rym’s imagination.

Directed by Chris Akoury (Lebanon)

Los Angeles premiere



An Anglo-Saxon Christian monk arrives in a Pagan village to convert its population, but he comes up against its staunch population and vengeful Goddess.

Directed by Sam Saxby (UK)

Bring Me a Dream

In the 1980s, a housewife named Alice starts to stay in her dream a little too long…

Directed by Enyi Zhu and Griffin Voth (USA)


A young couple explore a newly inherited home, finding hidden messages from the past weaved with dark impulses from the present, forcing them into a confrontation with the afterlife.

Directed by Scott Bolger (USA)

California premiere