Block 3. Dramas

Regal LA Live, Cinema #12 – 2.25pm-4.10pm

When You Leave

A young Japanese American must confront his past and learn the price of freedom when given the opportunity to leave the WWII internment camp where he is imprisoned.

Directed by Jason Yamamoto (USA)


Someone You Loved

In a village of northeast China, Liu Jianguo, a 60 year-old man, is attracted by Xiufen (45) less than three months after his wife died. However, Liu Jianguo dares not tell anyone about it, even his son.

Directed by Elly Zhou (China)

World premiere


The Train

In order to pay for the treatment of her vegetative son, Jin Xiu chose to be an elderly street prostitute and had to provide sexual services for the disabled.

Directed by Luo Pin (China)

North America premiere



An old man living alone is horrified to find his comrade woefully dead in his home early one morning, while his son tries to send him to a nursing home. He sets out to find his own way of dying…

Directed by Zhaoshuai Wu (China)

North America premiere


The Silent Canary

When troubled Joy (12), a talented cellist and adoptee from China with selective mutism, forms an unlikely bond with rebellious Kat (15), her concerned white British mother is delighted to see her daughter happy. However, when Joy discovers her new friend’s secret ‘boyfriend’ is in fact Kat’s stepfather, Stuart, her own trauma re-surfaces.

Directed by Vera Graziadei (UK)

USA premiere


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