Block 3. Action & Crimes (Sep 17th, 1.15pm – 2.45pm)

One in the Chamber 

Hanna unknowingly wakes up in an abandoned building swarmed with mercenaries. She must survive her way out to escape. Failure is not an option, failure is death!

Directed by Hubert Boorder (Canada)

USA premiere

Officer Down

A young British police officer, trapped during civil unrest, must overcome his fears and bias, to save an enemy that could be his only hope…

Directed by Simon Pearce (UK)

Resignation Day 

A young hitman wants out from the crime world after being asked perform the impossible. Unfortunately for him his boss, a wine connoisseur and Cliff Richard fan with psychopathic tendencies and a dog called Horace, isn’t quite ready to hand him his P 45.

Directed by Adam Brashaw and Adam Basil (UK)


Ex US soldier dishonorably discharged, comes home to a wife and daughter who barely knows him. Unable to make stable money, he falls in with a group of Neo Nazi’s who runs drugs and immigrants for the Cartels.

Directed by Joel Cocciolone (USA)

World premiere