Block 12. Women Voices II (Sep 18th, 2.55pm – 4.25pm)


Witnessing constant domestic violence, a 12 years old girl made a choice that overturned her life.

Directed by Yumeng Liu (China)


A dark, twisted and surreal film. Like a slow motion train wreck we watch Detective Becky Rawlings plunge into the depths of alcohol psychosis and its grim consequences. 
Suspended from the force and spiraling within a web of denial, Becky attempts to make the unworkable work.

Directed by Brette Taylor (USA)

California premiere

River of Small Gods

Displaced from her home, a Native Hawaiian woman named Anela is hired by a mysterious sculptor to retrieve lava stones from a sacred riverbed deep in the forests of Hawaiʻi. A modern myth about our alienation from the land and the consequences of denying our connection to it.

Directed by Bradley Tangonan (USA)


When a Latina transwoman in East LA is on the verge of losing her daughter to child services, she begins to unravel as she is forced to confront her buried traumas and fears.

Directed by Jorge G. Camarena (USA)


A woman living alone in the north woods goes blind. Unable to take care of herself, she relies on her estranged daughter for support. However, their rocky past causes problems.

Directed by Joseph Louis Coleman (USA)

World premiere