Block 11. Comedies

Regal LA Live, Cinema #14 – 2.25pm-4.05pm

Finger Bang Your Day

With the help of his friends, Blaster is determined to spread his message of hope and love to the rest of the world through his song Finger Bang Your Day.

Directed by Jeff Hilliard and John Orphan (USA)


Interracial Couple In A Cheerios Ad

An advertising team brainstorms a way to make the world’s most inclusive commercial.

Directed by Christine Lakin (USA)


Clown Needs a Rock Fix

Discovering he’s dying, a cough syrup addicted clown finds a way to travel from Richmond, Virginia, to Cudjoe Key, Florida, to see his estranged wife.

Directed by Mike Shea (USA)

World premiere


Confessions of a Closeted People Pleaser

Claire, a woman in her late 30s, goes to her parents’ house for Christmas dinner and pretends to be pregnant in order to get her family off her back… and her ovaries.

Directed by Sam Morgan (USA)

Los Angeles premiere


Bad at Small Talk

A film about those uncomfortable, widely accepted social situations where two people feel forced to engage in light conversation. Some are simply shy or awkward, others totally oblivious. They try to power through, but the interactions just get more uncomfortable the longer they drag on.

Directed by Viktor Horvath (USA)

California premiere


Men Grieving

Two men. Too many emotions. Sitting in a waiting room, Harrison and Percy confront their emotions and each other as they attempt to fill out paperwork for an experimental drug that might have the power to take their grief away… forever.

Directed by Adam Peltier (USA)

Los Angeles premiere



Paranoia and anxieties build as two exhausted parents argue whether or not the loud screams they hear are that of their infant child or the Banshee of old Irish legend.

Directed by Michael David Charles Hicks (USA)

Los Angeles premiere


Another Dead Sailor

A modern fable about a sceptical young Smoker who has been sat in a busy pub listening to his drunk Conspiracy Theorist friend’s countless outlandish beliefs.

Directed by Jack Lennard Willoughby (UK)


A Dishonourable Death

Set in 1837, we bear witness to a gentleman’s duel on the outskirts of London, England… A case of mistaken identity, poor timekeeping, injured pride masquerading as honour, a set of incredibly old and unreliable duelling pistols, and what we have is a whirlwind journey of oddity and quite a bit of both intentional and unintentional death-doing…

Directed by Blok (UK)

California premiere


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