Block 10. Documents, Dances & Experiments

Regal LA Live, Cinema #14 – 12.35pm-2.20pm


Hidden away in a corner of Rajasthan resides an ancient tribe. A community that cherishes their customs of mythology, history and ancestral heritage tying in with their traditional lifetime occupation as shepherds. These humble, semi-nomadic people have lived in Jawai for hundreds of years, but the untold secret about this specific community is that here they share their land with leopards…

Directed by Katya Ignatiev (UK)

World premiere


They Came From All Over

The film highlights the important role small businesses play within their local communities. A love letter to small businesses everywhere, “They Came from All Over” follows grocery store owner, Tom Mulholland, as he confronts the possibility of losing his family business and the impact it can have on his small Iowa town.

Directed by Academy Award winner Rayka Zehtabchi (USA)

California premiere


Oh Boys

A film about what men might become — if we let them.

Directed by Martina Magorin (USA)



A woman goes through a series of daydreams in her car while encountering a familiar face.

Directed by Reagan Yorke and Jillian Nicole Smith (USA)

World premiere


Marble Worms

An experimental film that immerses you in the mind of a cynical artist and his nihilistic perspective of love.

Directed by Juliana Betancourth (USA)


My Mother’s Last Dance

The set of various feelings, emotions and worries chasing me for the last two years after my mom passed away.

Directed by Ivan knyazev (Russia)



Directed by Lin Song (USA)

World premiere


Rosé Haze

An exploration of a self destructive love cycle between two partners. The pull of emotions, passion, and resignation, told through dance.

Directed by Emily Teague (USA)


Perhaps We Wrong Them

The story of a lingering childhood trauma, told through dance.

Directed by John Scheibe (USA)

California premiere


The Rebellion

“The Rebellion”, written by lawyer/artist Ari Scharg, shines a spotlight on corrupt practices in the legal industry. It finds its roots in the real life $100 million Ponzi scheme perpetuated by celebrity lawyer, Tom Girardi, the husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika Jayne.

Directed by by Gabriel Hostetler (USA)



A mysterious character navigates existential disconnect during an evening of food deliveries in Los Angeles. Revealing spirit, frustration, and the challenge of being a present father as life passes by outside his windshield, the Dasher experiences a blur of fleeting moments while never making contact with the diversity of humanity existing just behind the doors at each destination.

Directed by Joaquim Adrià Pujol (USA)

World premiere


Pink Wings

An old cowboy has a recurring dream that turns out to have real life implications.

Directed by Jaxon Whittington (USA)

World premiere


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