Block 1. Documents (Sep 17th, 10am – 11.25am)

Finding Abraham

A group of young Arabs and Israelis join together for a road trip across the desert… to find Abraham. Visually stunning, an honest, open, challenging, unconventional insight into a peace process that, rooted in Religious conflict, is as much about profits as prophets.

Directed by Malcolm Green (UK)

World premiere

Wild is the Spring 

Through a series of vignettes from the ancient and war-torn Levant, “Wild is the Spring” captures moments in the lives of diverse ethnic communities who struggle to survive when life descends into chaos.

Directed by Adla Massoud (USA)

California premiere

The Militiaman

The Militiaman 

In the hills of rural Pennsylvania, the leader of a local militia must prepare his men for the turbulent political landscape while at war with his own conscience.

Directed by David Peter Hansen (USA)