Isn't it Me?

Isn’t it Me?

Jeongyun was born an ordinary boy, but his dreams were anything but ordinary. From a young age, he aspired to shine on the musical stage, nurturing a deep passion for this dream. While his friends enjoyed playing soccer, Jeongyun immersed himself in dance and musicals.

Throughout his school years, he dreamed of becoming a musical actor and consistently attended dance classes and singing lessons. Although he was initially clumsy and faced more challenges than others, he never gave up. Jeongyun advanced towards his dream, step by step.

As an adult, Jeongyun worked tirelessly to make his mark as a musical actor. Eventually, he realized his dream.

The story of Jeongyun is not merely about his triumph as a musical actor. It also chronicles his successful gender transition. Her journey is one of self-discovery and resilience as she pursues her dreams, conveying a powerful message that any dream can be attained through passion and perseverance.

Directed by Claire Seohyun Yoon (South Korea)

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