Jess has always been a dreamer. Her friends are used to awkward, lengthy 8am text messages from her saying, “I just had this dream about you”. She sees them as little hellos, little reminders. Little warnings.

But recently, her dreams have had a consistent message: “Something’s wrong”.

After a year of songwriting celibacy, she was compelled to drop everything and spend seven days banging on a piano in the woods. This particular songwriting process felt dream-like. Like she was downloading from something outside of herself.

Jess initially set out to just document dreams and songs as they came to her, freely puzzling them together with non-linear dream logic. But when she began to see that the 10 songs and 7 dreams she gathered spoke together in concert, she found that “dreamer.” ended up discovering a turning point in her life.

Directed by Jess Godwin (USA)

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