There's Someone In The House

There’s Someone In The House

Thomas Winchester, the president of law firm Winchester & Sons Inc., rules the law firm with an iron fist influenced by his father Frank Winchester, CEO. Winchester & Sons Inc. is a well-known, reputable law firm. They work in Corporate Law with big clients that pay extravagant amounts of money for good representation. They have recently been working on one of the biggest cases in the history of the company. They are representing Tritech International, a multi-million dollar tech company that is being sued for selling user data. Thomas one day at work receives a phone call from his wife where he hears some glass break and she tells him that she was setting up for their son’s birthday party and she heard someone break into the house. He rushes home and his wife is just having lunch with their son. He confronts her about whether she was pranking him and she has no idea what he is talking about. Thomas continues to receive these phone calls and he figures out that it is a phone call from the future based on his wife in the call telling him that she was setting up for her son’s birthday and pinpointing the day it lands on. He rushes home before he gets the phone call that day. In the rush, he forgets his keys and has to break a window to get in the house as all the doors are locked. He rushes to where his family is hiding and almost gets shot by his wife defending themselves from what she thinks is an intruder. Thomas spends the entire film trying to protect his family from a non-existent threat and realizes that his priority is spending the present moment with his family instead of chasing his dad’s dream of a successful law firm which was never Thomas’ dream to begin with.

Directed by Carol Nuñez (USA)

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