Twin Oaks

Twin Oaks

“Twin Oaks” is a captivating documentary about the Hoyt family, and their experiences trail building in the Pacific Northwest spanning over many years and multiple generations. The documentary chronicles the profound relationship a human develops with the earth when spending their entire life working entrenched in the natural world, and everything it has to offer.

The Hoyt family – Avery, and his parents, Daryl and Krista – each reflect on their own personal journeys, sharing their unique perspectives and experiences about trail building being a medium for connecting with nature and finding solace. They go on to describe the transformative nature of the journey itself and how it becomes an integral part of one’s identity. As the narrative unfolds, the film highlights the many challenges and personal struggles the Hoyts have faced over the years, both as trail builders and as a family, opening up about battles with mental health, addiction and an immense gratitude for their unwavering support for each other.

Through breathtaking visuals and intimate interviews, “Twin Oaks” showcases the healing power of nature and the trails that connect people to it. The film captures both the technical side of impressive construction being performed in often untouched corners of the world, and also the spiritual side of the experience doing so. The documentary underscores the transformative impact of being humbled by the vastness of the natural world and the enduring legacy created by the family’s trail building endeavors.

Directed by Sean O’Connor (USA)

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