Newport Beach, California, early morning. Benjamin (25), a rich and successful young man goes jogging through the quiet streets of his new hometown.
At the same time, the mysterious transient Winston (50), walks along a deserted beach.

Benjamin and Winston arrive at the same bench on the shore. Jasmine (24), Benjamin’s pregnant wife, sits at the bench with their dog Max.

From the conversation between Benjamin and Jasmine, Winston realizes that the young couple is going to a dog show and their dog needs to be groomed, but groomer is not answering the calls.
Benjamin runs to the parking lot to call a new groomer.

Winston approaches the lonely Jasmine, and strikes up a conversation. He offers to groom their dog, revealing a pair of scissors. Jasmine is alarmed, and an annoyed Winston walks away, towards the parking lot.

Jasmine calls Benjamin to warn him about the nut with the pair of scissors.
Benjamin starts the car to go pick up Jasmine, but after start moving he feels a bump. He gets out of the car and sees Winston lying right behind the wheels. Benjamin calls the police and his lawyer.

Suddenly Winston gets up, theatrically groans and starts loudly call the officer. Benjamin wants to solve the problem and offers Winston money. Winston is angry that his life was valued so low, and snatches the wallet out of Benjamin’s hands. He starts to run away, but Benjamin quickly catches up with him.

At this moment Jasmine with Max come running to the car spot. She sees the altercation between Benjamin and Winston. Winston asks Benjamin to let him go but Benjamin doesn’t want to lose the wallet, and grabs Winston to take the wallet back, but Winston manages to stab Benjamin in the neck with scissors.

Winston runs away, and Benjamin dies in front of his pregnant wife. The cops that Benjamin called finally arrive, but it’s too late.
Time passes. Jasmine mourns her husband in the mausoleum, and Winston sits unharmed in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard with a cheeky grin. Next to him sits a dog and a sign: Dog grooming.

Directed by iurii Sumaneev (USA)

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