A Tadpole's Music Journey

A Tadpole’s Music Journey

This is a journey of an ancient Chinese tadpole which finally becomes a golden music note while roaming in the river of human civilisation. The tadpole evolved into a music note when he discovered the melody of nature sounds. He encountered an instrument called “Guqin” when he flied to agriculture civilisation, and enjoyed the music. The tadpole then experienced the impact that industrial civilisation brought to traditional music, and struggled to survive. He witnessed the change in the form of music, and managed to adapt to technological civilisation with the accompany of electronic music. The tadpole encountered traditional music performance again in a concert hall. He realised that the soul of traditional music never changed and that is why music could be eternal. Finally, he flied back to the nature, to where he came from. At that time, he had already become a golden music note – representing the highest form of music, containing the emotion of human, the essence of the society, and spirit of time.

Directed by Emma Fusheng Chen (Hong Kong)

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