Big Girl Love

Big Girl Love

Big Girl Love is a comedy about five women who have big personalities, huge career goals, large appetites for love…and thick thighs to match. As sexy as that sounds, let’s be honest; the Big Girl struggle is real. Living in a society where plus-sized women are often considered too wide to be widely accepted, these five ladies rely on their inner cheerleaders and one another to overcome daily obstacles.

The five women are Deandria “Dee Dee” Thompson, Misha Lee, Janice Perkins, Kiera Watts and Ebony Masterson, and they are roommates renting out a house in San Fernando Valley. They come from different backgrounds and have equally different personalities. The greatest thing they have in common is the stance that being plus-size has no bearing on who they are as people or what they accomplish or don’t accomplish. They define themselves by their character and what they can offer the world, not by their waist size.

Every episode is centered around one if not all the women being faced with a situation or conflict they will have to resolve. They will either be directly confronted about their weight as an issue, or they will be dispelling a stereotype of what it means to be plus-size – just by being themselves! Each episode is a rollercoaster ride of hilarity and drama as the women get caught up in outrageous scenarios just going about their day-to-day lives.

Big Girl Love shines a spotlight on loving your entire self…even the jiggly parts.

Directed by RaJeana Price (USA)

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