The Flash

The Flash

Malcom and Venetia are Irish, Mariia Iranian, Olga Georgian, Antony German, Shashi Russian, Sicilian crowd, all oth ers cannot be located as we filmed them in many different locations.

Malcom’s search for events, places, sounds, chatter is the fulcrum of this photoplay; it’s not easy for him to put everything in order among hundreds of photos that become memories. Sometimes the flash has helped him, but often the images get confused, turning into questions. Meanwhile Venetia tells us about herself making sure Malcom doesn’t hear her.

Memories, nostalgia, lust are not always effective tools for understanding, but in our story we try to chase them. We filmed mainly in James Joyce’s Sandymount Strand and many other places in the surrounding area, collected sounds and voices in different countries, to discover with him what is hidden in the dark boxes of our characters’ stories.

Directed by Momò Lee (USA)

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