The story begins with a girl named Carissa picking out clothes in the costume room. She is going downstairs to attend the cast interview for a play in a theater. When she is picking out her clothes, another girl, Farah, barges into the fitting room. During the conversation, Carissa learns that Farah has already passed the interview downstairs and gets a role. After exchanging banter with each other, Carissa leaves the costume room.

Carissa looks stilted on the stage because of Farah’s words. Her performance does not attract the attention of the director Mayfield. At the urging of Carissa, Mayfield agrees to let her try a few more times.

Farah hears the interview from downstairs after packing her clothes. She pulls back the curtain to take a peek when Mayfield sees her and asks her to help Carissa with her performance. On the stage, Carissa does not follow the script, but vents her anger at Farah. Carissa attributes her failure in the performance to Farah and all is seen by Mayfield.

The argument ends with the two girls starting to grow apart, and what is even more upsetting is that Carissa finds herself too impulsive because of a comment made by Mayfield.

Directed by Qing Gan (USA)

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