You Follow Me

You Follow Me

Sam and Bekah are life-long frenemies with the same disease: two invisible mediocre “dudes” who follow
them around everywhere they go and make even the simplest tasks nearly impossible. Putting aside their history, Sam and Bekah work together to try to have as normal a life as possible, and maybe, find a cure.

How can you understand something that you don’t see? A lot of autoimmune diseases are invisible. For me, this invisible condition felt like hiding an invisible “friend” from partners, colleagues, and pretty much everyone who I came in contact with. At any moment my body could decide to act up. I felt very alone, vulnerable, scared and angry. I am one of millions of people around the world dealing with invisible illnesses and autoimmune diseases. Until now, these conditions have not been talked about on television.

“You Follow Me” was created to start a dialogue around a community that is underrepresented and oftentimes misunderstood. Whether you have an autoimmune disease, know and love someone who does, or have never heard of any of this before and are currently looking at WebMD for help, this NY based surreal comedy will shed light, laughter, and heart on what dealing with an invisible illness is like. Let’s talk about, laugh about it, and share our stories!

Directed by Ryan McGilloway (USA)

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