Dive Into the Blue

Dive Into the Blue

15-year-old Chinese girl Lan undergoes a spinal surgery that traumatizes her physically and emotionally in the US. Being in a foreign country, the conflict between Lan and her mother, Wenli, intensifies during her rehabilitation. By chance, she meets Olivia, a Chinese-American girl adopted by an American couple, and the two girls quickly become close friends.

Olivia invites Lan to go swimming and encourages her to do what she wants to do. Lan skips her physical therapy session without telling Wenli and enters the water for the first time after her surgery. While enjoying the thrill of rebellion, her relationship with Olivia has a subtle change.

Soon, Wenli discovers Lan’s secret. She decides to end Lan’s physical therapy early and bring her back to China before the summer ends.

Directed by Ge Gao (USA)

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