Little Princess

Little Princess

After receiving a distress call, Little Princess takes off across the universe to come to the aid of her close companion and partner in crime. Arriving too late to save his life, all she is left with is an artifact of unknown origin and purpose.

Christina races to the hospital, struggling to find the right room while pacing down the halls. Arriving at catastrophe, she is left alone in her home with an urn, and silence.

This music video reflects on the themes of the song, and dedicates two parallel stories and characters to the feelings and actions that follow along with grief and loss. It offers a narrative that portrays one of the multitude of ways we deal with loss, and allows us to understand how creativity can be an outlet of healing for living with grief.

Half of the video is entirely created using performance capture, and the other half was shot on-location at Christina Martin’s farmhouse using the ‘academy anamorphic’ ratio.

Directed by Brendan Henry (Canada)

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