Flow of Life

Flow of Life

Flow of Life is a multilayered poem & meditation to heal one of the core wounds of our planet, the suppression and misunderstanding of women and their blood. It is a deeply personal and moving portrait, directed and produced by husband and wife, artist duo, Marisa Papen and Michael Chichi.

For one lunar year, Marisa created a series of 13 menstrual paintings. Her vagina and gravity were her paintbrush in this personal yet universal exploration. As she allowed the collective trauma to flow through her, the moon paintings inspired visions of the past and the future.

Intimately filmed at their home in Hawaii during Marisa’s 30th birthday, they documented the creation and mood of her 12th painting ‘Holy Trinity’. The film developed organically, without plan or scheme. A natural unfolding of feeling, form, ritual and poetics. It is a primal dance through the emotional landscape of a menstruating woman. A contemplative voyage into the cyclical nature of pain, release, joy, grief and surrender. It contains some images and scenes most likely never shown in a film before.

The paintings were recently exhibited in Bangkok and will soon be shown across Europe.

Flow of Life is an homage to women who have lived and live their lives in shame and guilt for their bodies and blood. It is a call to open and to witness yourself free from those stories and to experience authentically your own existence.

Flow of Life is a practice of patience, self-inquiry and observation. It is natural therapy and a wild journey. 

Directed by Marisa Papen and Michael Chichi (USA)

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