Red Threads

Red Threads

Red Threads (我很爱你)is a single-channel video that navigates the simultaneous existence of filial love and filial guilt within the experience of a Chinese Parachute Kid studying for years in the West, away from home.

Initially inspired by the Tang dynasty poem Song of the Wanderer and Red Threads as lines of fate in Chinese culture, the artist utilizes a combination of Live-action Cinema, Sims 4 Machinima, Browser/Webcam framing, and Sewing to perform a filial ritual by building a simulation of 1) her American, 2) her Chinese and 3) her Chinese American experience.

Looking to the screen not as a portal but as an interface, the artist reaches across game space to manifest her own belonging. The Parachute kid experience is akin to a life-simulation game manufactured by the U.S government and institutions with substantial economic incentives that, in turn, help US educational institutions run. Existing as “psychologically nowhere”, Sims 4 brings the artist’s Parachute experience into a true state of being “psychologically everywhere.” Meanwhile, the layers of the artist’s “self” become increasingly entangled.

The artist poses the question of how these personal identity matters mirror the bigger dynamics of tension felt between the east and west today and throughout history.

Directed by Yuchi Ma (USA)

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