Let Go Of The Prisoner

Let Go of the Prisoner

In the ’00s, a teenage boy in a small village became more and more inferiority complex and self-centered because of his parents’ perennial quarrels and his father’s extreme education style, and gradually alienated from his two best friends. In addition to eating and sleeping at home, he had to face textbooks at other times. His father, like a prison guard, always stared at him, the only “prisoner” in the prison. He would be severely punished if he dared to disobey his father’s wishes. In his father’s eyes, there is only hope for success, while in his heart, there is only fear. He has thought of suicide, thought of escape, and imagined that he would become a small flying insect to escape from this terrible place, but even in his dream, he would be pulled back to reality. He has no ability to resist, and can only silently bear everything he should not bear in despair.

Directed by Baowei Guo (China)

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