A Time for Love: Something Beautiful

A Time for Love: Something Beautiful

A Time for Love: Something Beautiful: After a desperate call from his daughter about her mom pushed to the limits of depression, a pastor rushes home to his wife’s aid. He changes his podcast message to the subject of depression, balancing the topic of medicine and faith.

Something Beautiful is a stand-alone short film. However, it is part of the series, A Time For Love. This film will ignite and inspire the world we are in to live passionately and with gratitude. Something Beautiful hits home on many levels concerning depression and its effects on its victim and their family members. When faced with conflict, a pastor, his wife, and his daughter bring calm, understanding, and light to a dark situation.

With self-awareness and self-forgiveness, this story sheds insight and light into God’s love and understanding in the lives of millions who face this debilitating battle of depression. This message is filled with hope, victory, overcoming faith, and the battle cry of help in mental health. After all, “It’s all about love, isn’t it?”

Directed by Skyler Bible (USA)

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