Among the peace and quiet of the rural English countryside, a young couple on a weekend camping break stop by a quaint village shop for supplies. As George enters, his girlfriend stuck outside talking to a local busy-body, he finds himself paralysed by shock, alone with the shopkeeper; a previously convicted man who groomed him as a child 22 years ago, Mr Amble.
Ever since his idyllic childhood memories were thrown into question, George has struggled to accept the apparent truth of it all, living a life longing for the consolation of his lost happiness.
Struggling to master overwhelming emotion, George, as yet unrecognised by Mr Amble, emboldened by adrenaline and a life-long need for answers, decides to confront him.

But what follows isn’t entirely what George had imagined.

At once both beautiful and traumatic; a journey of reconciliation that teeters on the edge of truth and deception.

Directed by Adam Bellamy (UK)

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