Three - Way - Mirror

Three – Way – Mirror

Suffering a brutal attack Alexander Hutton’s entire personality and perception on life has drastically changed, once an outgoing, confident individual now lives his life behind closed doors, cut from social interaction. Three months living in isolation has altered Alexander’s mind set, forming two personas of the mind Mr Positive and Mr Negative, identical in physical and facial features to Alexander, each with a motivation and agenda to either aid…or break him. Alexander stands torn between two psychological identities who are constantly at battle to either save or break him, this psychological warfare has added fuel to Alexander’s already unstable and fragile mind set, dragging him deeper into the rabbit hole, encountering these personas only in dream form, were the mind can hold the host as either its guest or prisoner. Mr Positive and Mr Negative have been at battle for many a year within the mind of Alexander, with the remaining control Mr Positive ceases, he continues to deny and keep Mr Negative at bay, warning him of the sinister actions taken towards Alexander, demanding that they cease. Amused by the remarks and actions taken, Mr Negative lectures the ironic nature of the human mind, a powerful construct, yet ever so fragile, explaining his purpose of existing is simple, to eradicate the weak minded, Mr Positive refusing to allow such an idea to become reality. However, Mr Negative’s plan of demise had been set in motion long before he and Mr Positive’s paths collided. Time now races against Mr Positive in the salvation and resurrection of Alexander, an execution set in motion that will ultimately conclude the fate, of Alexander Hutton.

Directed by Kevin J. Mc Corry (UK)

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