Metanoia Episode 4: Génesi

Metanoia Episode 4: Génesi

SYNOPSIS: As the semester comes to a close, Emma prepares for the Winter Dance Concert. Amber finds solace in the company of others and Brynn rises to her calling.

Metanoia is an LGBTQ web series confronting personal and sexual identity in a college environment. Episodes 1 & 2 premiered on YouTube and Vimeo in June 2020 and have garnered the attention of various LGBTQ organizations.


Emma discovers a sense of belonging with Margo and the campus Pride Club. Realizing what’s best for her, she breaks it off with Cooper.

Brynn endures a visit from her mother; with whom she has had a strained relationship with since her father’s passing. Meanwhile, she gets a job with the campus newspaper and searches for a topic to cover.

Amber reports the incident with Will to the Film Department Chair- to no avail. In her frustration she comes across Brynn’s call to action.

Directed by Gabrielle Reublin (USA)

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