The Story of the opera

The Story of the Opera

In order to compiling a children’s recitation book of ancient poems, Ms.Qingmu who from the Ziyue Academy went to visit Mr. Yao in Zhufeng Village. In Zhufeng village, Ms.Qingmu met a girl Douya who has a talent for opera, and she gave Douya a speaker. In order to let Douya can continue to learn opera, they came to the city and to find Ms.Qingmu. Ms.Qingmu has a recitation class. Before Douya came, Qianqian and Zixuan had the best performance. They were jealous of Douya’s talent. From then on, they bullied Douya together.Recitation class to participate in the Elite Youth Art Competition, in order to become the lead singer, Nana deliberately made Douya to eat fruit shake, which made her throat hoarse.The result of the competition came out. Nana didn’t win a good place, all the students were talking about Nana, but Douya helped Nana out.After all the students entered the higher grades, there were only a few students left in the recitation class. Ms.Qingmu had no money to pay the rent to continue running the school. At the same time, Douya’s mother also lost her job and had no money to pay tuition fees. When they were about to return to the village, Douya received the admission letter from the opera school.

Directed by Di Yi (China)

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