Agent Heads

Agent Heads

An old man and his granddaughter make their way home after spending the day together, encountering a seemingly unimportant homeless man (Heads) en route to the bus stop. In a moment of distraction, someone takes his granddaughter. All possible witnesses leave on a bus and in a state of panic the old man reverts to asking Heads, whom he previously dejected. Heads is reluctant at first but ultimately decides to help find the girl.

It is revealed to the old man as they make their way through the city that Heads has a particular ability, something that should be impossible. With a glance, Heads can see into others’ past perspectives. Each dive leads the team closer to where the girl went. Eventually, though, it seems there are no other witnesses available and the trail runs dry, but there is still hope.

Heads was a man broken, finished with a life that tore him down and left him alone. But in the end, he finds a reason to get up and fight again.

Directed by Ajay Varma Nandyala (USA)

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