I..I..I... (your dreams should be bigger than your fears)

I..I..I… (your dreams should be bigger than your fears)

A teenager never won a gold medal in his life but many silver in athletics. one night before an event when he was researching about a world champion that was died due to multiple organ failure and fell in a dense sleep and achieved it in his double dream.dream is a dream but every dream is different. So in a dream He thought that his organs are also failing and he has to rush to the hospital to get it fixed. but his fear was that he can not run that fast but he tried hard in his dream at least to reach to the hospital. his belief of not running to the top was so hard that he went back to the hospital to double check it. when his dream finished he was so happy and start believing in himself if someone puts real hard work and use his own intuitions, imagination and innovations then anything can be achieved and not to google everything to achieve something,

Directed by Suresh Makkar and Ashish sharma (Australia)

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