A Haunting Video

A Haunting Video

KIKI, who is a YouTuber, and MONICA, her friend, go to film an abandoned house in which it is said that ghosts appear. Kiki is not in the mood, but she starts filming in front of the house as always and says she is trying to catch the ghosts on camera. She is worried that they won’t see any ghosts. Monica explains to her that she can disguise herself as a ghost and suddenly appear in front of her.

Kiki and Monica enter the house and start filming. However, Monica goes to hide and won’t come out. Kiki looks for her, but can’t find her. At this time, she notices a phone rings in a room. When she answers it, it shows her YouTuber NICK’s video.

Kiki nervously watches the video. The video is of Nick trying to film a ghost in the same house that Kiki’s in. When Nick was filming, he heard the sound of a closing door. At the same time, Kiki hears the same sound in the house. Someone started chasing Nick, and he ran away from the room. Meanwhile, Kiki hears the sound of someone running upstairs. Kiki goes upstairs, but no one is there. While Nick was talking to the camera, he hid in the bathroom. After that, while Nick was screaming, the video cut out because someone had come in front of him.

While Kiki fearfully watches, the video continues. It shows Kiki from behind watching the phone in the room. Kiki turns back in that direction, but nothing is there. She looks at the phone again, and she can see herself on the screen. Kiki is terrified and tries to run away. The camera follows her. Kiki attempts to get out of the house, but she can’t because the door is locked. Kiki hides in the bathroom, but the camera slowly closes in. Then, the camera finds Kiki and she screams.

The video cuts out. After that, the uploading dialog appears on the screen and finishes loading. The view counter changes from 0 to 1, and then the number of views increases very quickly. Also, more and more comments appear and are all good reviews. We transition to a man watching the same page on his phone. He is in front of the abandoned house and says to the camera that he will try to catch the ghosts on camera. His cameraman is nervous, but he entices him to go inside the house.

Directed by Masaaki Mitsuyasu (USA)

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