Harvest Time

Harvest Time

Don Most and Anson Williams have released their first scripted program that they’ve appeared in together since playing legendary best friends Ralph and Potsie on HAPPY DAYS. This time they play brothers in the dramatic comedy Harvest Time.

Harvest Time was written by award-winning New York playwright Frederick Stroppel. In the film, Anson plays a man on dialysis, in desperate need for a transplant. Don plays his brother, who has promised to donate his kidney…until he gets a better offer. On Ebay.

“We are in an unsettling and isolating time in our world right now; people are seeking comfort in familiar faces and turning to on-demand entertainment to take a break from the 24/7 COVID-19 news cycle,” said Executive Producer David Levin. “Since there is a halt on the production of most shows and sporting events, we thought fans would appreciate seeing this material from beloved actors.”

In a video teaser Most said, “We have a little entertainment we thought we would share with you. Anson and I got together for the first time since Happy Days to shoot this wonderful film.” Williams added, “We want to wish you a safe time during this unusual period, and we wanted to do something special.”

Most went on, “The piece is so well written. So funny, but so dark. So Human. Anson and I thought it was one of the best scripts we read in a long time.” The film co-stars Beth Littleford, best known for her work on THE DAILY SHOW.

Levin noted, “Once you see Don and Anson in Harvest Time, you’ll be wrapped up in all new characters. A whole new story. You’ll be surprised at the range these two actors have.”

Williams, who also directed Harvest Time added “Hey, we’re all stuck at home, so we thought now would be a good time to share it. I think you’re gonna love it.”

Directed by Anson Williams (USA)

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