2022 Annual Awards: Nominees

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Best Indie Short

Our Journey by Arnar Tómasson (Iceland)

The Owl by Sam Wong (Wong Man Tat) (Hong Kong)

The Plea by Michael David Charles Hicks (USA)

Best Drama Short

Ashes by Lewis Martin Soucy and Mehdi Ajroudi (Tunisia)

Lazarus by Guillaume Corde (France)

Zaghchi by Sorosh Hosseinjani (Iran)

Best Documentary Short

Finding Abraham by Malcolm Green (UK)

The Militiaman by David Peter Hansen (USA)

Wild is the Spring by Adla Massoud (USA)

Best Romantic Short

Fotos by Arnaud Rivaille (France)

Light Fantastic by Ned Caderni (UK)

What Happened To Us by Christine Stronegger (Norway)

Best Comedy Short

All Because Of The Damned Blonde’s Son by Danilo Vargas Martinez and Cristian Roberto Hernández Figueroa (Dominican Republic)

Jeanne by Fabien Remblier (France)

The Stone by Bartosz Kozera (Poland)

Best Dark Comedy Short

Rock Hard with the Clown by Tyler Kirby (USA)

They Prefer Richards by Felipe Castilla (USA)

Wait for the Dog by Ian Rowe and Dillon Petrillo (USA)

Best Action Short

Officer Down by Simon Pearce (UK)

One in the Chamber by Hubert Boorder (Canada)

Resignation Day by Adam Brashaw and Adam Basil (UK)

Best Crime Short

Blood Runs by Kyle Leatherberry (USA)

Life After by Jesse Edwards (USA)

Runner by Joel Cocciolone (USA)

Best Film Noir Short

Kiss Me at Dead of Night by Dai Sako (Japan)

Korrinty by Aziz Chennaoui (Tunisia)

Mark My Words by Joseph Fletcher (USA)

Best Thriller Short

Almond Wood by James Frost (USA)

Babs by Brette Taylor (USA)

Zaroube by Mohammad Al Khatib (Lebanon)

Best Mystery Short

Composition by Paul Sestakov (USA)

River of Small Gods by Bradley Tangonan (USA)

The Secret Dimension by Jia Cheng Wu (China)

Best Horror Short

Bring Me a Dream by Enyi Zhu and Griffin Voth (USA)

Good Times, Bad Moon by Kristian Taylor-Wood (Australia)

Twine by Scott Bolger (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short

Cognition by Ravi Ajit Chopra (UK)

He Murdered Sleep by Jeremy Boxen (Canada)

Hopscotch by M Brian King (USA)

Best Fantasy Short

Eostre by Sam Saxby (UK)

June by Dwayne Cameron (New Zealand)

Walk Alone by Lamu Shangchoo (USA)

Best Experimental Short

211220 – The Age of Aquarius by Caroline Viitanen (Sweden)

Hanakotoba by Franck Lahoui and Jowkid (France)

Mirror Mirror by Katya Ganfeld (UK)

Best Student Short

Moon in the Cloud by Liliya Roys (Canada)

Safe And Sound by Chang Hao (Taiwan)

Your Guardian by Mimi Vlaovic (UK)

Best Animation Short

Lockdown by Leon Joosen (UK)

Soft Rain by Sacha Goedegebure (Singapore)

Tango Through Life by Zsofia Opra-Szabo (Canada)

Best Children Short

Phoenix by Yi Li (China)

Pub Kid by Liam Young (UK)

The Royal Twenty Centers by Stéphane Auguste and Adrian Duvernois (Canada)

Best Women Short

Hot Mother by Lucy Knox (New Zealand)

Hummingbird by Joseph Louis Coleman (USA)

Spaceship by Jorge G. Camarena (USA)

Best LGBTQ Short

Blue Moon by Emily Ruhl (USA)

The Tailor by Inbal Selah (Israel)

When the Tide Rises by Alex Jiang (China)

Best Microfilm

The Forgotten Flame by Derek Lamoureux (Canada)

They Sense Your Fear by Aramis Tatu (USA)

Young Love In a Dirty Place by Reinis Spaile (Latvia)

Best Screendance Short

A Feast That Never Comes by Maria Juranic (USA)

Triptych by Robin Cantrell (USA)

Undone by Pip Cowley (USA)

Best Director (Female)

Hervine De Boodt for Troubadours Célestes (France)

Lucy Knox for Hot Mother (New Zealand)

Mimi Vlaovic for Your Guardian (UK)

Best Director (Male)

Bartosz Kozera for The Stone (Poland)

Jeremy Boxen for He Murdered Sleep (Canada)

Ravi Ajit Chopra for Cognition (UK)

Best Student Director (Female)

Alex Jiang for When the Tide Rises (China)

Lamu Shangchoo for Walk Alone (USA)

Liliya Roys for Moon in the Cloud (Canada)

Best Student Director (Male)

Chang Hao for Safe And Sound (Taiwan)

Jorge G. Camarena for Spaceship (USA)

Joseph Louis Coleman for Hummingbird (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female)

Emily Ruhl for Blue Moon (USA)

Inbal Selah for The Tailor (Israel)

Yi Li for Phoenix (China)

Best First Time Director (Male)

Kyle Leatherberry for Blood Runs (USA)

Lewis Martin Soucy and Mehdi Ajroudi for Ashes (Tunisia)

Sam Wong (Wong Man Tat) for The Owl (Hong Kong)

Best Actress

Carlie Guevara for Spaceship (USA)

Janet Mcteer for Hummingbird (USA)

Jelena Milinkovic for Moon in the Cloud (Canada)

Best Actor

Brown Frown the Clown for Rock Hard with the Clown (USA)

Colin James O’Gorman for The Plea (USA)

Naïme Haïne for Jeanne (France)

Best Supporting Actress

Amanda Brugel for He Murdered Sleep (Canada)

Astrid Roos for Lazarus (France)

Myriam Boyer for Jeanne (France)

Best Supporting Actor

Cres Chuang for Safe And Sound (Taiwan)

Jessejames Locorriere for Life After (USA)

Marc Andreoni for Ashes (Tunisia)

Best Child/Young Actress

Chloe Jo Rountree for Spaceship (USA)

Xitong Han for Victims (China)

Zhen Yang for Phoenix (China)

Best Child/Young Actor

Cooper Alexis for Good Times, Bad Moon (Australia)

Song A De for Safe And Sound (Taiwan)

Veda Maharaj for The Royal Twenty Centers (Canada)

Best Acting Duo

Alison Bruce and Erana James for Hot Mother (New Zealand)

Marilyne Naaman and Joseph Maroun for Paradis (Lebanon)

Olivia Berris and Audra Thornton for Blue Moon (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Andrew Scott, Jeremy Irvine, Wolf Kahler, and Lucy Russell for Cognition (UK)

Igor Kovalsky, Constantin Vidal, Riton Liebman, and Matthieu Dessertine for And Then, The Silence (France)

Katarzyna Herman, Irena Melcer, Andrzej Walden, Andrzej Dębski, and Krzysztof Materna for The Stone (Poland)

Best Cinematography

Aaron Seldon for Life After (USA)

Simon Rowling for Cognition (UK)

Sofian El Fani for Ashes (Tunisia)

Best Editing

Ravi Ajit Chopra for Cognition (UK)

Tim C. Szabics for Blood Runs (USA)

Zach Prichard for Life After (USA)

Best Visual FX

Bob Munroe, Cailin Munroe, Martin Tori, and Andrew McPhillips for He Murdered Sleep (Canada)

Charlie Tait for June (New Zealand)

Peerless, Territory Studios, Foundry, and Chocolate Tribe for Cognition (UK)

Best Original Score

Karl Steven for June (New Zealand)

Léo Vincent for Ashes (Tunisia)

Samuel Karl Bohn for Cognition (UK)

Best Original Story

Bartosz Kozera for The Stone (Poland)

Chang Hao for Safe And Sound (Taiwan)

Fabien Remblier for Jeanne (France)

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2022 Annual Awards: All Nominated Films (A-O)

2022 Annual Awards: All Nominated Films (P-Z)

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