Bring Them Home

Bring Them Home

Bring Them Home is a documentary short about the plight of discarded American heroes, deported veterans.

After creating the song “Excuse My Accent,” artists Robert “RobYoung” Walker and Andrei “Drei Ros” Rosca stumbled across the story of Hector Barajas; a deported American veteran. Upon hearing the baffling story, the two decide to shed light on the issue.

Connecting with experts on the issue, as well as traveling to Tijuana Mexico to get first hand stories from deported veterans themself at “The Bunker” a meeting place for current exiled veterans, the two artist aim to bring awareness to a complex conversation.

Bring Them Home is an honest documentary following the story of Hector Barajas, his initiative to start The Deported Veterans Support House and an in depth look into how the term “deported veteran” came to be.

Directed by Rike Boomgaarden and Tamara Jatchvadze (USA)

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