The Real Picture!

The Real Picture!

“The Real Picture!” is a 6.5 min short film by a 15-year-old independent filmmaker, Shaunak Surlu from Singapore. Shaunak is a 9th grader who has developed a keen interest in filmmaking and has made this film in a total of 8 hours from conceptualization to storyboarding to the actual shoot within 3 hrs to final editing.

This film is the tale of a 6-year-old boy, Ruhaan who is home alone. As Ruhaan’s mum is talking to him on the phone, he happens to go & open the door to a stranger despite his mum trying to warn him against doing so.

What follows is a series of unexpected events that one would never expect. What destiny holds for Ruhaan is what the film is all about.

Directed by Shaunak Surlu (Singapore)

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