Cogs - first step into the society

Cogs – First Step into the Society

This documentary is set in Jeju island, located in the southern sea of South Korea. Jeju is known as one of the most popular locations for tourists. And here, I hope to introduce a different story of Jeju. 

Located in Jeju, Elin is a social enterprise and most of their employees have developmental disabilities. New workplace is a great hope for them in the midst of a job shortage. 

Elin Hotel helps these employees to learn relatively simple skills such as cleaning and maintaining the hotel rooms and buildings. 
The employees get to acquire social and language skills by being in charge of cleaning the hotel. 
The prejudice against disabled workers is easily breakable with clean and tidy hotel rooms compared to any other low-budget hotel.
Getting a job is just like reaching for the stars in the sky especially for people with disabilities. It is not only because people have a hard time believing effective work performance by people with disabilities, but also they think they have a low chance of being successful with disabilities. 
Elin is the only social enterprise in South Korea that works in both the hotel and cleaning service industry with disabled employees. 

I hope that people with disabilities can become independent by fully participating in society through a systematic vocational rehabilitation system. Elin Hotel makes Jeju Island a more valuable and beautiful destination for this reason. Not only a splendid trip, but a valuable destination will be more memorable.

Directed by Minah Son (South Korea)

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