SELF "A trip in to the subconscious "

Self “A Trip in to the Subconscious”

SELF "A trip in to the subconscious "
SELF “A trip in to the subconscious “

A man begins his morning stroll to church. The same weekly visit suddenly feels different. Every day images begin to trigger an extraordinary trip, a daydreaming state that opens a door into the deep subconscious. This journey opens his eyes to the unfortunate realities of life in to the civilized world.

The pressures of society on the self.
The obligations of acceptance that masks our thoughts.
The civilized world with its judgments and opinions imposed on social differences, its immense influence on the human being is in contradiction with the psychophysical freedom of humanity.
There is a hidden identity that we find only when we isolate ourselves and disappear from it all. Our mind takes the whole body to another dimension where we question, accept , explore, as well as love and hate ourselves .
Yes, we become beasts and angels , we become innocent and guilty, we become day and night, we become air and dust.
We let instinct dominate reason. We are capable of escaping in our dreams and we desire to be oneself as no one has ever seen and or will ever see.

Directed by Jonathan Redavid (Italy)

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