Life Moves Pretty Fast by Ru Howe

Life Moves Pretty Fast

Life Moves Pretty Fast
Life Moves Pretty Fast

Wolfie’s walking to work, like he always does. But today is his birthday. Surely something should be different?

This experimental interactive short by filmmaker Ru Howe is one of the first films crafted with trailblazing technology which lets filmmakers create story game experiences easily and creatively without coding.

Part vlog, part game, the viewer gets to follow Wolfie all over Bristol, on multiple paths through the city – encountering and re-encountering memorable characters across two timelines.

Behind Howe’s signature jump cut editing and Wolfie’s wide eyed vlogging are layered some wonderfully meditative moments and conversations.

Made in a period before and after Howe’s father’s death, Life Moves Pretty Fast is at once an extremely enjoyable and replayable vlog and an off-beat reflection on loss and purpose.

Directed by Ru Howe (UK)

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