After Darrien

After Darrien

Six years after a young Black man is shot by police in Utah, his family gathers to celebrate what would have been his 28th birthday, amidst a nationwide awakening to racism and police brutality, while navigating their own survivors guilt, and grieving his loss.

Darrien Hunt, became a Utah headline, “suspicious Black man wielding a weapon” when he was shot to death by Police in the quiet town of Saratoga Springs. He was 1/2 Black, wore his hair in an afro, and was carrying a decorative Samurai sword. Police claimed he attacked them violently with that sword but no video evidence was ever produced and when the autopsy revealed 4 shots were in his back, his family raised questions on the use of deadly force after the case was ruled justified.

In the summer of 2020, amidst racial protests and petitions, Darrien Hunt’s name is back in the spotlight, being said outloud in the roll call of injustice. When his portrait is painted next to George Floyd’s in downtown Salt Lake City, protestors march calling for Justice for Darrien, and his siblings find themselves reopening the wounds of his death they had tried to numb for so long. What happens to a family who loses someone to police brutality, and what does it mean to be black in Utah?

Directed by Kristal Williams (USA)

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