Lake of Red

Lake of RED

“Lake of RED” is a visually stunning short film (3 minutes and 33 seconds) and a poetic audiovisual performance art installation conceived by 2020 Guggenheim Fellow Shamel Pitts, and directed by Itai Zwecker in collaboration with video mapping & content artist Mauricio Ceppi, composer Ricardo Romaneiro, and creative collaborator Mirelle Martins, all members of the multidisciplinary arts collective known as TRIBE.

Lake Of RED, filmed at Sam Black’s Refuge Arts in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, takes place inside in a fragmented, boxed space, and is a poetic performance lens for projection, reflection and resonance of the artist with the viewer and with himself. Within the short film, Pitts deploys his unique style of choreography, inspired by Gaga movement language and nightlife, whilst exploring a close dialogue with the lights that occupy (and transform) the space. Pitts orates with lyrical poetry as over-currents dressing this audiovisual work. Lake of RED and its attributes simulate the fluidity of waves and the inability to connect with clear form in a multidimensional flow of eccentricity, passion and vigor.

Lake of RED is the first official multidisciplinary work of TRIBE and is the first creation of the “RED series” by Shamel Pitts.

“As an African American artist and citizen, I feel compelled to share the power of art and dance as a leading example to humanity. I am constantly engaged with James Baldwin’s offering: “Art has to be some kind of confession…if you can face and examine your life, you can discover the terms in which you are connected to other lives, and they can discover them, too,”.

Lake of RED has been selected for inclusion in Cannes Short Film Festival 2020 as well as Fifth Wall Festival, the Philippines’ first international dance film festival.

Directed by Itai Zwecker (USA)

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