Count Dominion – Hands Of Time

Count Dominion - Hands Of Time
Count Dominion – Hands Of Time

Count Dominion
Hands of Time
Story Outline 07/09/2020

Genre – Limited Television Series/Adult Comic

Set in the near future on Earth.

A shapeshifter from planet Gayong comes to Earth and transforms into Count Dominion. A global leader that hides in shadows pulling strings around the world trying to change history.
By traveling through time with the hope of reversing the Doomsday Clock to save Gayong, he quickly finds out that changing history could actually speed up the doomsday clock. The shapeshifter is also faced with Earth limitations that are not present on Gayong, such as sunlight and free will.

Episode One: Jim Crow
Count Dominion travels back in time to 1870 to reverse the Jim Crow laws but by doing so altered the labor force movement.

Episode Two: Nuclear Arms
Count Dominion goes back in time to 1949 to prevent talks of the atomic bomb but later finds out this move gave the Soviet Union more power and altered the state of the future.

Episode Three: Vietnam
After traveling back in time to 1955 to stop the Vietnam war, Count Dominion is complexed on what decision to make and encounters a disaster with his newly found identity.

Episode Four: Slavery
Traveling back to the 17th century Count Dominion discovers that slavery is more complex than alternating its past and struggles to find a logical solution to avoid race riots in the future.

Episode Five: Climate Change
Count Dominion travels back in time to 1760 to reverse the industrial revolution but alters the future of the labor force which leads to widespread famine and civil wars globally.

Episode Six: China
Count Dominion goes back to the 1970s to reverse the use of wet markets to prevent pandemic outbreaks, but this decision could cause China to innovate in ways that would hurt the planet even more.

Episode Seven: Iron Curtain
Count Dominion travels back to 1939 to redirect scientists from Nazi Germany but is faced with an opponent that wants to unravel his secret organization.

Episode Eight: North Korea
Traveling back to 1983 to meet with leaders regarding the weapons program, Count Dominion faces his toughest opponent yet.

Episode Nine: Chernobyl
Count Dominion makes a shocking revelation traveling back to 1986 that could be the key to his planet’s survival but also could have consequences for the humans on earth.

Episode Ten: Politics
Going back to 1989 Count Dominion discovers that he is able to stop several wars but faces a shutdown of his secret organization.

Directed by Omar jones (USA)

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