I am Alda

I am AldaShort film freely drawn from the life of the italian poetess Alda Merini specially designed as an installation for the exhibition at the Milano Art Gallery (www.milanoartgallery.it) from 24 January to 13 february 2020, in occasion of the 10th anniversary of her death. Alda Merini is a complex character: a great artist who alters moments of lucidity and creativity to moments of serious psychosis: schizophrenia, bipolarism and paranoia. Alda Merini has been subjected to over 40 electroshock sessions and has never lost her memory or forgotten who she was or her past. Even when she heard the voices, a healthy core remained, which allowed her to realize what was happening and allowed her to ask for help and hospitalization.This work is my personal tribute to the person and the artist as I imagined it by reading her poems, her aphorisms and her biography.

Directed by Flavia Coffari (Italy)


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