Kill Me If You Can

Kill Me If You Can
Kill Me If You Can

The story is about an Asian woman’s rebellion to white supremacy. The protagonist Mayu Komori represents non-native speakers who are pursuing their dreams in western societies. Because of cultural difference and language proficiency, It is much more difficult for artists like Mayu to create their works and express themselves than native speakers. Therefore, for non-native speakers, achieving their goals equals to challenging native speakers’ dominance. It is not only about culture and language, but also rights, equality, and identity. I believe this story also echoes to some current issues in the US; for instance, Trump administration uses pandemic as an excuse to expel migrants and foreign (especially Chinese). Therefore, given the predicament we are in, I believe this story has some unique values and is worthy of sharing with others.


Mayu Komori is a first-generation immigrant Japanese American. Because of her self-isolated personality and her awkward English proficiency, It is always a problem for Mayu to fit in communities.

Mayu always wants to become a writer, but she knows she doesn’t have the talent of writing. On the contrary, her friend, Callie Davidson, Mayu’s proofreader, turns out to be a talented writer, even though she shows no interest in writing. Mayu feels inferior whenever she compares herself to Callie, and she eventually melts down when she finds that Andrew Helmer, the man she has a crush on, start a relationship with Callie. To make a comeback, Mayu decides to submit her work to a writing contest. She spends all her time writing and takes drugs to get inspiration. As a result, she passes out due to overdoes.

When Mayu wakes up, she finds she is in a different world, and everything is different — She has become Yuma Hiki, the protagonist in her novel Kill Me If You Can, a beautiful, powerful and dangerous woman who has the supernatural power of manipulating shadow. In this world, everyone knows Mayu as Yuma, and she can lead a satisfying life with Yuma’s identity and power. However, Mayu can still feel Yuma’s personality is trying to take back control of this body, while she also notices that Callie seems knowing something about Mayu and Yuma’s secrets. To find out the truth of this world and to survive, Mayu needs to handle her relationships with Yuma and Callie — She has to choose between reconciling with them or killing them.

Written by Xintong Han (USA)

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