Density of Air

Density of Air
Density of Air

The protagonist ‘Seon-hoe’ wanders in a space where no one, nothing.

At the end of his weary steps, the ideal space he has arrived works perfectly like a machine. People in perfect space, work to build a perfect wooden tower. The regular movements and sounds of workers harmonize, creating rhythms like music. The group is perfect in style, appearance, speech, and behavior.

Everyone smiles and looks happy. But when someone smiles, if they have lipstick on their teeth, everyone’s eyes face his teeth. If the error is corrected quickly, everything goes back to the way it was.
‘Seon-heo’ is busy with his eyes to keep up with the flow of the group. He always smiles, and he checks his speech or voice frequently. Then, at one point, the paint on the tower has been on its sleeve. When another worker hands him a greeting, he makes a hasty bow to prevent him from looking at his sleeve, but it becomes more noticeable. Then, the worker stands like the others, as though she had never spoken. People’s eyes begin to turn to ‘Seon-heo’ one by one or two. He is sweating profusely, trying to erase the paint, but it’s spreading. The ever-growing murmur and the still regular sound of the workers. The workers turn their heads in unison and stare at ‘Seon-heo’. ‘Seon-heo’, with paint all over her body, is asking for help in fear and confusion, but everyone turns away. Eventually, he falls over the tower, workers continue to build blocks of trees over the main character lying on the collapsed tower. Like nobody can’s see him.

‘Seon-heo’ opens the door from the perfect space and runs away, but again, walks endlessly in space where no one, nothing.

Directed by Sooin Cho (South Korea)

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